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My healing journey made me aware of many of my issues, traumas, the how's and why's. I understood it mentally, emotionally and spiritually, however it never fully shifted.

Until I learned to be with myself moment to moment, feeling into my pains, fears and all that life can bring, feeling it all in my body and staying with the sensations without making it right or wrong. The simplicity of experiencing, opened me to more freedom, peace and love.

My gift is to offer a safe and held space where those interested can experience and be with whatever it is that you want to bring from your life. This can be anything from chronic degenerative illnesses, pain, stress or anxiety, fear, self image or esteem issues, death or dying the list is endless and welcome.

I focus all therapies through the lens of awakening.

My aim for this website is to provide information and inspiration on how you can harness healing. If you are a practitioner of healing, I would love to share my knowledge of Classical Chinese Medicine. Through improving our skill and compassion I believe we can transmit that to ourselves, including those in our care.

Currently we are working on videos to empower individuals and be of service to the wider healing community. I am also writing a book aimed at helping self healing.

My healing journey has been a quest to understand. To be able to explain disease from a classical chinese medicine in the body, mind and spirit.

It was not until I started bringing my knowledge out of my head and started enquiring into my felt-experience that things started to shift and change for me.




Tim's Clinic - London
Antoinett's Clinic - Plymouth

Antoinett practices in Plymouth at:

Barbican Therapy Centre
7 Stokes Lane

Call: 01752 266002

Meditation Class - Plymouth

"Embracing All"

Thursday, November 13th
(6 Week course)

Arrival 6:00pm for 6:15 sitting.

Barbican Therapy Centre
7 Stokes Lane

Cost: £24 for the 6 week course or £5 per session

01752 266002

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